Kühlplatte Buffet - Standard Set

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Thermo Futur Box

Refrigerated tray for counter or buffet.
The set consists of a black insulating base in expanded polypropylene, a cold accumulator (eutectic gel) and an 18/10 stainless steel plate in "classic" design, GN 1/1 format.
Additional GN 1/1 stainless steel plates can be purchased as an option.
Very easy to use, simply chill the eutectic plate in the freezer for a few hours before use.As an option, you can buy either a simple transparent lid or a Rolltop.

Download the technical data sheet for our cooling trays using your smartphone and the QR code or by clicking on this link.

Dimensions of the "Standard Stainless Steel Refrigerant Tray" set:

EXT. LENGTH 530 mm
EXT. WIDTH 330 mm

The dimensions of the eutectic plate to be placed in the base of the cooling tray are not those of a GN 1/1 plate (530 x 325 x 25 mm) but EN 1/1 (470 x 265 x 25 mm). Only EN 1/1 plates can be used.
The eutectic plate -12°C COLD restituted 0°C to +4°C is the recommended default plate. Please contact us for other plates.
The table below gives information on the temperature and freezing time of cold eutectic plates (eutectic gel) depending on the type of plate. This information is given for guidance only.
Remember that the optimum freezing temperature for a eutectic plate is about 6°C lower than the temperature indicated on the cap.

-3°C FRESH 0°C to + 6°C -18°C 9h
-12°C COLD 0°C to +4°C -18°C 24h (or 16h at -22°C)
-21°C FROZEN -21°C to -15°C -27°C 24h

Once frozen, a eutectic plate is sensitive to shocks, so handle it with care.

WARNING: do not expose cold eutectic plates to temperatures below -45°C. Unlike our competitors' eutectic plates, you can put our eutectic plates in the dishwasher at 85°C for up to 2 hours.

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