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The 10 cm long paring knife is one of the "classics" that every Chef must have in his kitchen.
The ZEN series from Fischer Bargoin offers an exceptional knife combining a record hardness of 59-60 HRC and a very beautiful aesthetic.

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Leader in professional cutlery, FISCHER-BARGOIN is located in Thiers, the cradle of French cutlery for six centuries! Founded in 1859, FISCHER-BARGOIN illustrates the perfect combination of innovation and know-how.

This 10 cm long "Paring" knife has an exceptionally hard steel blade. Hand-sharpened in the purest cutlery tradition, its cutting edge is efficient and durable.
Its Micarta handle (composed of resin and linen) is solid and hygienic.
It is not recommended to clean this knife in the dishwasher.

SERIE Paring - Zen
STEAL TYPE Sandvik 14C28 stainless steel type Chrome Manganese X62CrMn14
SPECIFICITIES Extreme hardness (59-60 HRC), for a longer blade life and longer lasting razor sharp cutting edge, resulting in a cutting performance 50% superior to classic chef ́s knives.
DIMENSIONS 10 cm long
WEIGHT 0,115 kg
ORIGINE France - Fischer Bargoin

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